Students show their support for suicide awareness at Minico High School

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MINICO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A group of students came together on Thursday to show their support for suicide awareness at Minico High School, in quite a unique way

A student-led group, the Hope Squad, raised over $1,000 to support their cause, teaching students the warning signs of severe mental health issues among their peers and how to properly report crises.

Passing the $1,000 threshold meant the group’s president, Noah Canon George, shaved his head something he tells KMVT was an easy decision if it meant sharing his group’s message.

“I believe in hope. This is a difficult world that we live in, there are hard things, everybody goes through hard times. But when we band together and when we sacrifice for something that is more important than ourselves, that is when we are able to find hope,” said Canon George.

Funds raised by the event will be donated to multiple entities, including Hope Squad of Minico High School as well as both East and West Minico Middle Schools.

Money from balloons used for the release will be given to Simply Hope, a local family outreach program that assists with mental crises that start in the home.