This is a FREE resource from the Cook Center for Human Connection. It offers courses delivered by licensed therapists on topics such as helping a child with depression, identifying anxiety, and coping with grief and loss. Parents can also anonymously submit questions and receive a written/video response from a therapist. The website offers parenting advice and helps parents explore their mental health, giving parents the tools to lead happy, confident lives. is free to schools as a resource on their website, providing all their parents a trusted place to go for answers and support for their children.

Family Mental Health Lessons


Understanding Warning Signs and Risk Factors
Substance Abuse
Protective Factors and Resilience
How to Talk to Someone Who Is Struggling
After a Suicide Crisis
Communicating as a Family When Someone is Struggling
Bullying and Cyberbullying
Social Media & The Internet
Talking about Suicide Prevention as a Family
Coping and Problem Solving
Reducing Access to Lethal Means
Making a Difference: Helping the Lonely Friend
Local and National Resources for Suicide Prevention

Comprender las Señales de Advertencia y los Factores de Riesgo
Cómo Hablar con Alguien que está Luchando
Después de una Crisis de Suicidio
Comunicarse en Familia cuando Alguien está Luchando
Habilidades de Afrontamiento y de Resolución de Problemas
Intimidación e Intimidación Cibernética
Las Redes Sociales y El Internet
Hablando Sobre la Prevención del Suicidio como Familia
Reducir el Acceso a los Medios Letales
Haciendo la Diferencia: Ayudando al Amigo Solitario
Recursos Locales y Nacionales para la Prevención del Suicidio

My Life is Worth Living

My Life is Worth Living includes five powerful stories told over 20 episodes. In each episode, relatable teen characters wrestle with challenges that are all too familiar for many viewers and discover strategies to cope when it feels like their own thoughts are against them. Over the course of each character’s journey, they realize that life is worth living.