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This Monday, Tackle Stress with Gratitude.

Feeling grateful can relieve stress, lift your mood, and strengthen connections with others.

Excerpts shared from mondaycampaigns.org
(Making Monday the Day All Health Breaks Loose! We’re a public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse Universities that promotes sustainable behavior change by dedicating every Monday to health.)

More about Gratitude at: The Power of Gratitude on Mental Health

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Power up your Monday with positivity by cultivating gratitude. You’ll experience more well-being, less fatigue, and a brighter outlook.

Feeling grateful is a seed, once planted, that never stops growing and giving back. Seeing the glass half empty, or feeling pessimistic, can be hard to shake. It can also stress you out. A great antidote is to generate some gratitude.

Need some ideas to get started? Before you begin, take a moment to clear your mind with some deep breaths.

Recall a person who has helped you in your life. Were you able to thank them? Take a moment now to mentally think of them and wish them well. Think of the benefits you received from their generosity.

Write a gratitude list. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation, let your feelings of gratitude soar through your pen. List anything you are grateful for, from a good cup of coffee to a wise friend. You might just feel amazing after you see a page full of people, places, and things you are grateful for.

Take a walk. Notice all the things you see: Trees, sunlight, weather, the shade under a tree, flowers, a neighborhood park. Feel the grace and goodness of your world. This is your home. Bask in your gratitude for all it provides and does for you.

The benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven: better sleep, more mental strength, improved self-esteem, and better relationships.

Give thanks this Monday! Studies show feeling grateful relieves stress, lifts your mood, and helps you get along better with others. Make Monday about pouring out your gratitude and feeling good.

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