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Red Flag Recognition Training to Prevent School Shootings

Provided by QPR Institute in partnership with Hope Squad
• PSA Video by Sandy Hook Promise •

Free! An online learning activity to prevent school shootings.


In this post, the QPR Institute in partnership with Hope Squad releases a first-of-its-kind web-based training program to prepare ordinary citizens to recognize and respond to red flag warning signs of a possible school shooter.


Based on the “If you see something, say something” model, the training takes roughly 30 minutes, is free to the public, and provides a certificate of course completion. It is available 24/7, accessible via any platform or smart phone, and may be shared with one’s social network.


We, like so many others, are tired of waiting for change.  By taking this training, you can become some of the change you have been waiting for.  You can learn to identify developing violence toward self or others, and in the case of most school shootings, become part of the solution to the early risk identification and intervention necessary to avert another tragic loss of life.

Please take the training, then pay it forward.

Thank you!

Staff, faculty, and board of the QPR Institute

Sandy Hook Promise PSA Video

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