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The Provo Story

The Challenge

The Provo City School District used to average one to two suicides per year and were unsure how to help mitigate the problem.

The Solution

How has Provo been so successful at youth suicide prevention in a state ranked 5th in the nation for youth suicide? The answer is HOPE4UTAH.

Proven Prevention

Provo’s History

In 2005, suicide prevention expert Dr. Greg Hudnall implemented peer-to-peer HOPE Squads in Provo schools-forever changing the district’s approach to suicide prevention. HOPE Squads are student groups trained to identify suicide-warning signs in their peers, and alert adults to those signs.

Dr. Hudnall founded HOPE4UTAH on the proven success of the peer-to-peer Hope Squad model that he pioneered in the Provo City School District.

Dr. Hudnall’s is a proven program with HOPE Squads in the schools. He’s a huge hero in my eyes.

Steve Eliason

Utah House of Rep. District 45