Dr. Greg Hudnall

Greg Hudnall, Jr.

Celebrating the Legacy of
Hope Squad Founder, Dr. Greg Hudnall,
and Welcoming
Greg Hudnall, Jr. as the New COO!

31 May 2023

It is with immense pride and gratitude that we announce a new chapter in the history of #HopeSquad. Today, we pay tribute to our visionary and compassionate leader, Dr. Greg Hudnall, who has dedicated his life to empowering students and transforming communities. We also extend a warm welcome to Greg Hudnall, Jr., who steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer, carrying forward the spirit and mission of Hope Squad.

👉Honoring Dr. Greg Hudnall’s Impact:
As the founder of Hope Squad, Dr. Hudnall has been the driving force behind our organization’s growth and success, supported by many mental health advocates, particularly Cathy Bledsoe who has been a key person in Hope Squad’s growth. Dr. Hudnall’s unwavering commitment to suicide prevention and mental health advocacy has touched countless lives around the globe. Dr. Hudnall’s dedication, wisdom, and innovative approach have paved the way for a brighter future, empowering students to be the first line of defense in suicide prevention.

👏We are grateful to Dr. Greg Hudnall for his visionary leadership and the profound impact he has made on individuals, schools, and communities worldwide. We are immensely proud to continue building on the strong foundation he has laid, inspired by his passion and relentless pursuit of creating a world where every person feels valued and supported. Dr. Hudnall will continue as CEO, Founder and ambassador of Hope Squad through the world.

🌟Introducing Greg Hudnall, Jr. as the New COO:
Today, we welcome Greg Hudnall, Jr., as the new Chief Operating Officer of Hope Squad. Greg Jr. brings an exceptional combination of leadership, strategic insight, and a deep-rooted understanding of the organization’s mission. His experience in both business and mental health advocacy will undoubtedly propel Hope Squad forward, ensuring that our impact continues to expand and reach even more individuals in need.

💼In his new role, Greg Jr. will spearhead the operational strategies, partnerships, and initiatives that will fuel Hope Squad’s continued growth and success. With his fresh perspective and passion for making a difference, we are confident that Greg Jr. will guide us towards new heights, while staying true to the values and vision established by his father.

🤝Together, we embark on this exciting journey, fortified by the incredible legacy left by Dr. Greg Hudnall and invigorated by the leadership of Greg Hudnall, Jr. We remain dedicated to empowering students, reducing stigma around mental health, and providing hope to those who need it most.

✨Please join us in celebrating the profound impact of Dr. Hudnall’s contributions and welcoming Greg Hudnall, Jr. to his new role. Together, we will continue to change lives and build a world where everyone has the support and hope they deserve.

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